Sex Tips for Men

Sometimes foreplay is over looked and not to point any elbows or anything but generally its the guy who wants to “plow” through. The fact of the mater is that foreplay is key for a female to reach climax and the more it is ignore the less likely you are to fulfill your partner fully. With that in mind here are some times to spice up your foreplay game.


Why not kick things off with a sensual massage. Massage the full length of here legs. You might not think it but the feet are very closely linked to sexual pleasure. Why not massage her feet and home in the toes. Stretching them all out individually.


Spend some time talking to your partner about some of the things she likes. Why not bring it up in the mid morning and continue the conversation in snippets throughout the day. You’ll find that it will be playing in both your minds when it comes to night time and you will both feel the benefit.

A Little Tenderness

The Clitoris is a very sensitive place and while it should have quite a bit of your attention but don’t focus on it directly. This can sometimes be quite painful. Instead tease the clitoris by focusing on it and then shifting your attention to the clitoral hood and the sides. This is especially true during oral sex.

Longer Lasting

If you are worried about climaxing too soon then start trying to become more aware of your orgasmic sensation. On the road to your orgasm there will be a few telltale signs you should take heed of. It is hard for a male to stop the process when the orgasm starts so being aware of your body will help you to last longer. Another tip for lasting longer when you become aware of orgasmic sensations the penetrate her deeply. Press your pelvic bone against her and start a rocking motion. This wont be stimulating for you but it may be for her.


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