Sex Tips For Women

Do things feel a bit stale in your bedroom? Is it just the same routine time and time again. Maybe its time to do a bit of research into how you can please your man? The better his orgasm is the more he will want to return the favour. Well thats the thinking anyway. Here are some times for the women out there who want to learn a bit more about what their man likes:



As much as you might disbelieve it men like kissing as much as you do. Kissing releases dopamine which is a key hormone in sexuality. To get a decent supply of his dopamine flowing try biting his lips and tracing the outline with your tongue.


Ears get ignored a lot of the time but biting and nibbling his ears will get him going faster than touching his scrotum. Plus its a lot easier to do bite his ear in public than it is his scrotum speaking of which


This is a really sensitive area so no biting or sharp impacts or you’ll find yourself at stage one again pretty soon. Try gently sucking or giving his scrotum a squeeze. A top tip would be when he is about to climax gently cup his scrotum and massage it with your hand. You can thank us later.


This one is pretty obvious and you knew it was in the list but the shaft of the penis hold a lot more sensitivity than the head. Contrary to popular belief. The internal erectile tissue is deep in the shaft of the penis and you might find that you man likes his penis to be help pretty firmly.


The may serve very little purpose at all but men like to have some attention paid to their nipples. Why not give them a little nibble next time you are stroking his penis and see what the outcome is. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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